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Turnkey SMS Management Platform!

We designed our web portal keeping global standards and user convenience in mind. Managing communication with your consumers was never too easy, where distance between you and your customer/subscriber is no more few seconds.

  • Well knitted and easy to manage web interface with simple navigational elements
  • Conveniently create contact lists with as many customer fields as required

  • Speedily add hundreds of contact using contact Import Function

  • Automatically verifies the validity of each contact’s mobile number in your list

  • Maintain list of deliverable contacts and ensure 99.99% delivery

  • Spot the contacts rejected due to the invalid number

  • Create personalized SMS content with custom variables

  • Send from your brand name with guaranteed delivery


Connect with your customers via API to deliver them all-import SMS notifications.


Create, Manage, Deliver and Scale your SMS marketing campaigns from integrated SMS portal.

What the SmsStream is Trying to Do?

SmsStream is helping the businesses to grow with faster pace and trying to improve the communication by providing better connectivity. In the world so connected with mobile devices, our endeavor is all about providing businesses an easygoing and convenient process of connecting with its customers, for all kind of important announcements, small business texts, promotional offers, notification, alerts, and confirmation messages.

Empower businesses to follow customer loyalty and relationship marketing model by using effective communication methods such as SMS.

It is being developed by the team having 10 years of solid experience in Digital Communication Industry. Click here to learn more about us.