The Sender Identity

Content is too much for the consumers in this age of information communication. Consumers take sender’s identity very seriously to value the content with regard to the sender reputation, and tend to overlook the messages sent from unidentified numbers or anonymous names. The sender’s identity has emerged one of the most important concepts when it comes to SMS marketing or short business messages to customers. Always consider sending from the name that the recipient recognizes.

Our SMS Masking Solution

SMSStream offers SMS Masking solution that helps sending message from your proposed Sender ID. The Sender ID can be the name of your brand, product, institution or your company. These Identifiable names increase credibility and trust level between you and the consumer. No matter which network your recipient belongs to, our masking service cover large array of mobile carriers across the globe. Stop your messages from getting ignored by the recipient, improve relevancy and content value.

Why to Choose SMSstream

  • Send from your Brand or Company Name

  • Use alphanumeric Sender IDs of upto 11 characters

  • Masking covers all networks and mobile carriers

  • Stop messages from getting ignore by recipients

  • Improve relevancy and customer trust

Ideas to Send Better!

Tip! Ignore messages are the ones that appear to be sent from an unrecognized sender, always use identifiable names for improved results.