Integrated Carrier Lookup

Integrated validity check and number lookup system helps keeping your lists clean and up to date. SMSstream holds certain standards of number structure, and our system is capable to scan through each number in your list for the process of validation. The process automatically identifies numbers that don’t comply with standard number structure. Besides this, it also provides exact mobile carrier information for the validated numbers within the list.

Optimum Delivery

This sophisticated process of validation ensures that 99.99% of your messages are successfully delivered to your recipients. It automatically scrubs the list and maintains a separate list for “Rejected Numbers”. It autocorrects minors mistakes in the number string to make it correctly formatted. This means only deliverable numbers are inserted in your list with correct carrier information. And you are utilizing all of your message credits for sending your message to right recipients.

Why to Choose SMSstream

  • Identifies number portability and roaming

  • Autocorrect minor errors in number string

  • Ensures optimum message delivery rates

  • Separately maintains list of invalid contacts

  • Appropriately traces the network carrier of each valid contact

Ideas to Send Better!

Tip! Contact’s validation is always a good idea to keep the lists up to date and to avoid the sending failures due to invalid number structure.