Easy to Navigate

No more complex structure of navigational elements that leaves you puzzled about what function appears where. Everything is well managed towards the left side of your screen; categories are defined with clear labels and navigational titles. Sub-categorizes are arranged appropriately under their parent category as per the functionality of particular parent feature. Your admin panel with SMSstream offers ability to easily navigate across the functions/ features.

Loaded with Features

SMSstream is a well-integrated and feature rich Text Messaging web portal. You setup your list, add contact’s info, create short message content, add custom variables for message personalization, schedule your campaign at time of your choosing and manage the statistics table, everything from one account. Your dashboard is occupied by some useful widgets and you are being assisted with small help texts at every step you perform.

Why to Choose SMSstream

  • Well categorized navigation with clear navigational titles.

  • Web portal specifically designed for SMS communication.

  • Dashboard with well-arranged informative widgets.

  • Integrated with text editor to create SMS content.

  • Help text appears on every step you perform.

Ideas to Send Better!

Tip! When considering SMS as your marketing channel make sure of getting your subscriber’s permission for sending future SMS