Lists Management

Create lists to carry contact’s information, setup as many as you feel convenient for the management of contacts/subscribers and classification of prospects. Create custom fields to store some additional contact information in your list. From simple text field to radio button option, you can create the field type you want. You can later use the data in these additional fields to create custom variables that will eventually help improving content relevancy.

Contacts Management

Have got a big list of contacts? Don’t burden yourself for its effective management; SMSstream helps to manage your contacts in a better classified way. You have this liberty of selecting between couple of options to input contact details in your lists. Make use of our import function that will swiftly import the contact details from your computer directly to the appropriate fields of your list. Besides the speedy import feature, contact details can manually be added (One by One) to the selected list.

Why to Choose SMSstream

  • Create multiple lists to manage contact details.

  • Attach custom fields to input additional contact info.

  • Use data fields of lists to create custom variables.

  • Manage list of suppressed contacts.

  • Import bulk contact details using import function.

Ideas to Send Better!

Create lists and conveniently input contact details with the ability to add custom fields.

Tip! Smartphones are now everywhere, don’t overlook the potential of using the effective channel of SMS marketing