Message Personalization

Personalization is well developed in email communication and emerging concept in the SMS marketing space. Research has revealed that majority of consumers find it appealing when they are addressed with their name or other personal information. This requires a dynamically driven platform to utilize this important contact information in a proper way. The idea is going an extra mile to communicate each and every recipient of the campaign with personal approach, for better engagement and increased conversion.

Personalization Matters


Consumers value shopping experience as more relevant when brands use personal information


Of consumer like when brands send them personalized offer


consumers rate personal relevance as single determine if the message is read

Use Custom Variables

Make the best use of contacts details stored within your lists. Dynamically use information from the data fields to create personalized content. SMSstream offers custom variable function that helps creating personalized content with recipient’s name, company name or other relevant information. Mobile is fast paced communication channel, and most of the messages are read within seconds of delivery, you can’t risk the chances of conversion by sending irrelevant and drab content. Personalized content improves the relevancy of content to a large extent.

Why to Choose SMSstream

  • Create customized fields to store additional contact info.

  • Use any data field to create custom variable.

  • Use data field variables to call exact info from the database.

  • Address each user with his/her name {{First Name}}

  • Ensure better engagement and higher ROI.

Ideas to Send Better!

Tip! Spending some time to create personalized SMS content will add value to your efforts of conversion rate optimization.