Advanced Monitoring

With Pre-send number validation service of SMSstream, you are provided with one of the best reporting structures. Where validation process tracks and scans through each contact in the list, separates out the invalid numbers and offers precise reason of error that causes the rejection. This not only keeps your list clean, but also gives you the opportunity to identify and rectify the potential delivery errors. Apart from this pre-sending reporting, stats table reveals insightful information of each campaign sent from the gateway.

Scalability and Tracking

Scalability in business communication can rightly be considered as one of the key factors. The ability to measure your marketing efforts ascertains your success path. Trackability becomes even more crucial, especially when you are operating with fast paced channels like SMS where the messages are read within seconds of delivery, One needs to have solution with proactive tracking system. This is where SMSstream can help.

Why to Choose SMSstream

  • Insightful statistical tables and graphs for better evaluation

  • Separately maintains table of non-deliverable and invalid numbers

  • Accurate tracking the messages relayed through transactional API

  • Precisely reports back the reasons of number rejection

  • Convenient to determine ROI with detailed reporting

Ideas to Send Better!

Tip! Contact’s validation is always a good idea to keep the lists up to date and to avoid the sending failures due to invalid number structure.