Short Message API

SMSstream offers powerful Rest API libraries for you to seamlessly interact with our service gateway. It is easy, scalable and protected with secure API token. Programmatically generate request using our secure API, and get your transactional message delivered to the given number. The API best suits the needs of service providers such as Banks, Mobile Wallets and others, for sending notifications, confirmation messages and alerts to the right users at the right time.

Tracking and Delivery Reports

A key importance has been given to the feature of reporting to improve scalability of your transactional messages. Each valid API request returns appropriate set of information for sender’s review. Transactional Statistics table on the GUI maintains insightful logs of the messages initiated through the API. The table shows the given number, sender ID using which the request was generated to send message, message text and the status as “Sent” or “Failed”. For failed request, it gives precise reason of the failure under “Description” column.

Why to Choose SMSstream

  • Easy, scalable and secure API for transactional short messaging

  • A Powerful API that seamlessly works with every application

  • Deliver confirmation, alert, and notification messages in seconds

  • A solution for businesses to connect with their customers

  • Detailed reporting and logs for every request generated through the API

Ideas to Send Better!

Tip! Always trust scalable platform for the delivery of your transactional messages.