SMSstream offers an integrated web portal to its customers for SMS campaign management and sending. The privacy policy statement is aimed to reveal different types of personal or non-personal data we collect, when you use our website. SMSstream can time to time change the privacy policy and the changes will apply all the customers.

Review the privacy policy statement if you are using our website for the services we offer, or visiting our website just for the sake of some information. We prohibit underage and unsupervised children less than 18 years to provide/submit any personally identifiable information to SMSstream.  By using our website you acknowledge that you have reviewed the privacy statement, and you are agree with the points of the policy set forth.

Non-Personal Information

If you are just browsing across our website to learn more about our services or to gather some information, SMSstream doesn’t store any personal information. Following the applicable industry standards of visitor’s privacy, we just record non-personal information for website traffic analysis. It includes information such as Browser Type, Geographical Location, IP Address, Operating System and non-personal information of this kind.

 Personally Identifiable Information

If you put your trust with SMSstream to purchase our services, we would collect personal identifiable information through our website/system. This information includes, name, mobile number, email address, company name, postal code or other such information you volunteer to obtain required services.  All this information that you provide is clearly mentioned in fields of the form you fill to get yourself registered as SMSstream free or paid subscriber.

Apart from this, certain type of information is required to apply a Sender ID and to get this ID Approved. This information may vary as per the application legislation and regulation for commercial SMS communication. However the information you will provide will purely be used to ascertain your identity as the rightful proprietor/holder of particular sender ID you are applying.

Use of Personally Identifiable Information

SMSstream uses this personally identifiable information for different purposes that include, offering the services you have requested for, using the stored personal information such as mobile number and email address for future correspondence, service updates, billing notices and confirmations, helpdesk notices and support.

The information such as email/sms will also be used to send you Newsletters; to keep you updated about the new features and upcoming promotional offers, software updates etc. You as our subscriber/customer opt-in to receive the types of important announcements, product updates and newsletters. Other information that you have submitted to get particular Sender ID approved for your sending will only be used to process the Sender ID.


Billing, Credit Cards Information

Other than the above mentioned data, SMSstream also obtains your billing information that includes credit card numbers, billing address and credit card expiry. If somebody is paying on behalf of your account, we require storing his/her billing as well as personal information like name, email, billing address, credit card information etc.  The obvious reason to collect and store the billing information is to process the order you have placed and to provide you the services you have requested for.

Data Sharing

The personal information you have provided during electronic submission is saved with us, SMSstream doesn’t share, sell, or transfer the information to third party or with our affiliates. However, to verify the accuracy of the billing information you have provided, we may share the CC information with the issuing Bank, or concerning authority. It ensures that the payment process will remain smooth and prevents financial disputes.

Thanks for taking time to read our privacy policy and putting your trust with SMSstream.

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