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Engaging Text Marketing Campaigns

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In the fast paced multi-channel digital marketing space, marketers are using small business texts as a core of direct communication and customer engagement. SMSstream is an integrated portal for creating text engagement and SMS marketing campaigns.

Higher level of precision, impeccably designed features and powerful automation tools help you design right type of SMS marketing campaign for the right audience. Your time critical messages are now read within the seconds of delivery, anywhere around the globe with the average of over 97% deliver rates.

Brands Love SMS

Conveniently activate Your Brand’s Sender ID

Statistics of business texts of the recent years reveal that consumers take more interest to open up a message coming from a recognizable name. And messages from unidentified sender IDs or anonymous numbers have often been overlooked or regarded as spam.

With SMSstream, the process of masking the default sender ID with the ID of your choice is conveniently simple, where you don’t need any technical effort to get your Numeric/ Alphanumeric Sender ID approved and activated. Our widespread carrier coverage ensures spot-on delivery from the your company’s Sender ID.

Increase Conversions

The reason why SMS Marketing Is Top Trending

Recent reports revealed that majority of the SMS marketing messages are read within the seconds of delivery. The open rate of SMS campaign exceeds 99% in ideal scenarios, and for the businesses that include a hyperlink in their marketing messages, the CTR (Click through Rate) remains 35% on the average, significantly higher than of the average Email Marketing open and click rates.

SMSstream ensures that everything is well-tuned to achieve the goal of high conversion rates. From small retail stores to multi-national franchises, corporate companies to restaurants, clients have used SMSstream to witness significant rise in the sales volume.