Scalable API

Connect Via API to deliver all Important Business Text

Does your application trigger notification, alert and confirmation short messages?

Make use of our Rest API to manage short messaging from your own Website/App

Connect with your Customers

API that Quickly Integrates with every Application

Powerful SMS API that delivers all important business texts, notifications, alerts and confirmation messages right in your customer’s inbox. Using the seamlessly integrated automation, you concentrate on your message content and business growth, while we take care of the technical complexities and message delivery.

The message API is secure, customizable, and scalable for the businesses of all sorts. From the mobile banking messages from the Banks to its customers, notifications of Airlines to its passengers, alert messages of tracking companies, and confirmation messages of mobile wallets, our API best caters the need of all.

Right on Target Inbox

Reliable SMS gateway with Global Reach

You always want that all of your messages are delivered on time and to the right customer, especially when it a text from Bank informing customer about the recent transaction from his account, message from mobile wallet with unique money transfer number, tracking company sending alert to his customer about the location of his vehicle etc.

For all of your business texts, alerts, notification and confirmation messages, SMSstream offers a reliable gateway that ensures message delivery across majority of global networks of 200 plus destinations. Global standards of message delivery and integrated number validation, ensures that all of your business texts deliver right to the targeted customer.

Never Miss Important Notifications

Ensure Continued Business Growth and Customer Loyalty

Ever since the world converged as global marketplace for the exchange of products and services, it has become more important to ensure smooth flow of invoicing to avoid payment disputes. Especially the businesses that follow the recurring cycle of payments, keeping a cohesive system of invoicing is even more important. Customer communication plays vital role to keep the whole system of payments and invoice management smooth and unified.

Our customizable SMS API seamlessly integrates with your payment or invoice management application, to help you sending invoice renewal reminders and payment alerts via SMS. On time delivery of invoice renewal notifications and payment reminders right in the customer’s mobile inbox that ensures continued business relationship and customer loyalty.